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Paintings by Terri Higgins
passenger copy1Web copy

Title: Passenger in a Taxicab


Title: Constant Judgment

TheMaliceOfTheirWords Web

Title: The Malice Of Their Words Made You Believe You Could Be Defeated


Title: There Was No Protection From The Words

HowFarIFell copy

Title: How Far I Fell

IStoppedReachingOut copy

Title: I Stopped Reaching Out Because Nothing Was There


Title: The Silence Held All the Despair

TheScarsWillRemain copy

Title: The Scars Will Remain

LessThanIKnew copy

Title: Less Than I knew

TheRealizationOfWhatI'veBecome copy

Title: The Realization of What I've Become

I'mNotHerAnymore copy

Title: I'm Not Her Anymore

MyAttemptToRuinMyLife copy

Title: My Attempt to Ruin My Life

AHurtfulGood-Bye copy

Title: A Hurtful Good-Bye


Title: The Fisherman

MyWounds,DisparagementandBlunders copy

Title: My Wounds, Disparagement, and Blunders

selfportraitabstract copy

Title: Self Portrait Abstract

Shouldn'tASquareBeAllowedToBeAnyShapeItWants copy

Title: Shouldn't a Square Be Allowed To Be Any Shape It Wants?

ASLPleaseStop copy

Title: A/S/L Please Stop

MyLonelinessCan'tBeSatisfied copy

Title: My Loneliness Can't Be Satisfied

Sushi copy

Title: Sushi

ThePatienceofSunflowers copy

Title: The Patience of Sunflowers

Bones copy

Title: Bones

womenfishingTextile copy

Title: Women Fishing Textile

womenfishing copy

Title: Women Fishing

TheElephantsandtheMoon copy

Title: The Elephants and The Moon